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A challenging framework that encourages students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world, the MYP is inclusive by design; students of all interests and academic abilities can benefit from their participation.

From 2023/24 Academic Year


ISR follows the IB Middle Year’s program, which the students study in Grades 6-10.  All students study English, Italian (These are both at Mother Tongue and additional language level), French/Spanish, maths, science, Individuals and Societies (A mixture of history, geography, and other humanities subjects), Visual arts, music, drama and Digital Design (Grades 6-8 only).

In addition, students are involved in services as Action projects which benefit the entire school community. In grades 8 and 10, the students complete a community project and a personal project respectively which brings all of the students’ skills together in a holistic assignment. This comprehensive curriculum following IB guidelines ensures that students are well prepared for the rigors of the DP program. For more information regarding the MYP, please follow this link: 

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The school’s vision prioritizes that students are at the center of their learning and encourages the students to be inquirers and take responsibility for their own studies. The facilities on offer to the students reflect this philosophy. The school has a science laboratory, specialized Art, music and drama rooms, a well-stocked library, as well as access to a 100 seater theatre. The school environment combines the experience of being immersed in the historical center of Bologna alongside access to the latest educational technology. Class sizes are small with no more than 24 students per class, with many classes especially language lessons being considerably smaller.


The middle years of a students’ education are vitally important years as they undergo great change both physically and mentally. They quickly become more independent both educationally and socially. This phase of a young person’s development needs to be approached sympathetically and at ISR the flexibility within the IB framework allows us to have a child-centered approach ensuring that a child’s education is tailored around their unique needs. The staff creates interesting units of work that assess a range of capabilities of the student. This entails assessments which not only test the retention of knowledge but also include opportunities for students to improve their communication, research, interpersonal, and technology abilities. Students are assessed against their own progress and clear individualized guidance is given by teaching staff to demonstrate how students can improve. 

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